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Man of the Week: Peter Scherer

I'm about ready to keel over, so onto the pics.

Not safe for work picsCollapse )

Man of the Week: Matt Bomer

Poor Matt Bomer was stuck in the limited summer series Traveler. It holds a special place in my memory since I chose to review the pilot as an audition for a then-new TV website. The "expert" judging panel rejected my submission out of hand, saying there were no discussions of the DVD video, the audio or the extras. It got sent back to me with a pat on the back and a "nice try, youngin." You imagine my reaction. :)

Oh wait...I was supposed to be talking about Matt Bomer. White Collar. Most likely gay but won't come out since an entire show is riding on him. Disgustingly hot, nerdy and cuddly all at the same time.

Maybe slightly NSFWCollapse )
While I get Man of the Week cooking, check out the National Weather Service forecast for my area. Notice, in particular, the high and low temperatures...

Behind a cut because of the sizeCollapse )


Man of the Week: Michael Weatherly

You can thank Entertainment Tonight or one of those other shows for bringing Mr. Michael Weatherly to the forefront this week. Besides, I don't have a ton of other ideas right now.

Five more of Michael Weatherly....Collapse )

Man of the Week: Ryan Gosling

Being under the weather without a lot of interest in doing anything means I'm not putting off this week's guy.  Forgive me if he's already been showcased; there have been around 115 guys to make the list thus far. 

Ryan GoslingCollapse )

Man of the Week: Ryan Devlin

He's cute...and he went to the right school (Michigan State).  Ryan is a Lansing boy through and through: born there, went to school there and found himself in Hollywood on stuff like Grey's Anatomy and Brothers & Sisters (he's currently banging Calista Flockhart).  Anyway, the usual pics follow.

Ryan Devlin, under the cutCollapse )

Man of the Week: Jack Mackenroth

It's been a while.  Too much "stuff" has come up and distracted me to really go into it.  Jim was here for about two weeks.  I was back in Michigan for almost a week.  Playing catch up after all that (and our October 15 work deadline).  You get the picture. 

So enjoy the pictures.  I'll try to keep this thing more updated than I have recently.

THAT was the most work safe pic I could findCollapse )

Man of the Week: Jeffrey Hunter

He was good enough to die for our sins, but wouldn't sleep with green alien women.

No, I didn't make that up. It's from Family Guy. But then everyone knows that.

Jeff Hunter, safe for workCollapse )

Sunday, Pre-Noon Activities

1) Fred Meyer for French Bread and coffee filters
2) Brewed my first ever at-home cup of coffee (chocolate velvet with sugar and bit of milk, for the record)
3) Signed up for Pandora Radio via the Tivo; have the film score station playing now (Rudy by Jerry Goldsmith right now)
4) Washed sheets and two other loads of laundry (ongoing)
5) Read 20-ish pages in the DC-1 (Chapter 6, Requirements for Coverage)
6) Made reservations for the Space Needle Restaurant when Jim is here
7) Half watched the Knit and Crochet show on Create! while seeing what was on sale at BB this week

Still to do:

1) Finish 25 pages in Chapter 6 DONE!
2)  Shower, cut hair and shave DONE!
3) Make the bed
4)  Finish laundry ALMOST DONE! (towels are the last load)
5) Make dinner DONE! Italian Skillet Dinner with Garlic Bread
6) Call Mom and Dad DONE! Talked to Mom and left a message for Dad
7)  Watch The Music Man ( 2 1/2 hours) DONE! See the quick review on Facebook
8) Maybe watch Clone Wars, Smallville and Batman from Friday
9) The Amazing Race and Brothers & Sisters tonight (no Simpsons AFAIK)
10) Maybe do the floors today...but I've been putting this off for weeks now


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